Tips on How to Really Own Your Workplace

Category Business

Full-time employees at home and in an office setting usually spend around 30-50 hours a week in a cubicle or a make shift office environment at home. Whenever a person spends that much time in one place, the décor and the look that the specific place has will most likely dictate and show the personality and personal style of a person.

A natural setting at home or in the office will most likely make an individual more inspired and productive in working. Decorating a common work space according to your personal taste should not be limited. Here are some ways on introducing your personal style in your working space to be able to claim it as your own.

Chose a theme

Your theme for your office space can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to, if your office premises permits such. Include things that relax and allows you to be more creative. You can pin a few images if your family or a dream vacation in mind or a quote that keeps you going through a busy day. Just remember to keep things organized and handy even with all the little decorations and accessories around your working area.

Wall calendars as accessories

Wall calendars are not just accessories that can decorate your working area but can double as a reminder of the things that you have to do in the coming days whether it is work related or not. It is also a great place to stick notes and small reminders that you might miss as the day gets busy at work.

Decorative stationary

Gone are the days of snail mail. However, you can still use stationaries to write a few interesting points about your day or use them as your journal at work. You can even get scented ones to be able to inhale something invigorating on a stressful day at work. Cute stationaries can also be great ways to add color to your working areas.

Personalized mugs

Personalize not only your favorite cup of tea but your mug itself by bringing a rather colorful mug at home than the usual plastic cup. This can include a printed picture of you on a vacation, a quote or your favorite movie. Choose bold and fun colors that fits the personality and the décor of your theme.

One small item when strategically placed will instantly change the look of your working area. Claim it and make it uniquely and creatively yours with accessories and décor that matches your personality.