How to Get Rid of Pet Odor: How to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

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Upholstery Cleaning
Pet odors can manifest in any material, including the material on couches and comfortable recliners. When a home has been taken over by pet odor, one of the first things that they should do is look into upholstery cleaning. Upholstery cleaning can be done professionally, or homeowners can purchase their own upholstery cleaning tools and cleaner and do the job themselves for half of the cost. Either way, upholstery cleaning is an important part of getting rid of unwanted pet odor.

The carpets in a house can hold odor just as bad as the furniture, if not worse. In order for homeowners to have a gorgeous home that smells just as beautiful, these need to be cleaned as well. This can also be done professionally or DIY style. There are several great products that minimize the amount of odor on a short term basis, such as powder that can be sprinkled on the carpet to help cover up the horrible smell.

Other Fabric
While furniture and carpet seem to hold odor more than other materials, any material can hold odor, including curtains, bed sheets, blankets or even kids toys that are in the room. To completely remove the odor, some homeowners prefer to start washing everything, moving through one room at a time to make sure that there is no more pet smell.

Air it out
Pet odor seems to linger in the air. When a home is constantly close up, it will smell musty and the smell of the pet odor will be that much stronger. On warm spring days, open the windows and the front door to let the house air out a bit. Turning on the ceiling fans or purchasing a portable fan can help out too. While this will not completely get rid of pet odor, it will go a long way in helping to make it more manageable while you are waiting on the upholstery cleaning company to come.

The Animals
Getting rid of pet odor is one think, preventing it is another. Unfortunately, getting rid of it will never be enough to prevent it from happening again. If a cat has suddenly started urinating, a trip to the local pet store or veterinarian may be a good idea. There are hormonal air fresheners that can help to calm pets down, and make them less likely to use the new area rug as a bathroom. If this doesn’t work, sometimes getting an animal fixed can be what it takes to calm them down.

Another option is to simply research why they are going to the bathroom in a particular spot over and over again. Sometimes animals will do this if they smell another animal on something, or if a pet owner brings anything new into the home. Whatever the cause, prevention is every bit as important as eliminating the smell all together.

Professional companies are often experienced in quite a few areas, including the removal of pet odor. They can usually tell you what it will take to get rid of it, and many are so experienced that they are full of useful tips and tricks that you simply will not find anywhere else, even on the internet.