How Businesses Can Safely Store Sensitive Documents

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Depending on the nature of your business, there’s a strong possibility that you need to safeguard a number of important and sensitive documents. Whether it’s private information about the company, employees or customers, personal information falling into the wrong hands can be disastrous.

Below are some great suggestions for the safe and reliable storage of paperwork that needs to be well-protected.

Secure drawer

A drawer, cupboard or filing cabinet with a lock on it is a great place to keep private documents away from prying eyes. The benefits of this type of system is that you have all your paperwork on site which is convenient if you know you need to access it on a regular basis. The downside however is that if your office is broken into or subjected to fire or flooding, there’s a risk that your important documents could go missing or get damaged.


It’s always a good idea to back everything up because at least if something goes wrong, you can recover any lost data. Storing documents online and in the cloud is a great idea because it means that as well as having a physical copy of everything you need, you also have a virtual copy.

If you are storing private information online, it’s very important to ensure that you have a very secure system to protect your business against hackers. It’s also recommended that you have a disaster recovery plan should your system crash and you need a way of recovering any data you have lost.

Self storage

If you would rather keep sensitive documents off-site, renting out a self storage unit is a great option.

Look out for facilities that provide your unit with a lock that only you have access to, CCTV and security staff who patrol the area after the usual staff have gone home.

An added benefit of keeping paperwork in a self storage unit is that it frees up space in your office for other things such as stock, office supplies or even more staff.

Use a shredder

If there are personal documents that you no longer need or you have transferred to online storage, make sure you use a shredder to destroy them. Simply throwing away bank statements, receipts with card numbers on them and customer information isn’t secure enough because criminals can and will rummage through rubbish.

Not shredding private documents puts you at risk of being subjected to fraud and/or customer details can be leaked which is very bad PR for your company.